The Estate

We combine historicity with modernity.

La Casaccia di Franceschi stems from the desire of Leopoldo Franceschi, a fifth-generation producer of wine in his family, to transfer his experience into a type of farming that is more dynamic and more in line with today’s needs.

He has been joined in this project by his children Flavia and Federico, resulting in a close cooperation between the generations.

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Wine exellence

The estate, in its fairly small total area of 15 hectares of vineyards, is focused on seeking to make outstanding wines. This is the result of a process of strict selection, which initially takes place by hand both before and during the harvest, and subsequently in the winery.

In perfect harmony with the organic management of the vineyards, the most modern techniques are employed for vinification (such as the submerged cap method and the use of stainless steel fermentation vats), combined with traditional aging in oak.


Environment and Raw Material

The estate insists on using organic methods for its crops, seeking a balance between ecology and a positive result in the finished product.

The fruit is also honored and  given added value in the winery where, thanks to the use of the most modern technology, such as the optical grape sorter, the meticulous  process aimed at putting into bottle only the very finest part of the product is completed.

Our objective is to produce top-quality wines and so attain a high level of excellence. That said, we will only put on sale products with which we are completely satisfied from the point of view of quality. If we are not happy with a particular vintage, we will not release it onto the market.

Flavia Franceschi